Epoxy Floors

Thinking about upgrading your garage floors?

Queen’s epoxy garage floor installation team has had a lot of experience with different concrete floors. We do not take short cuts. Since we are certified, we know the correct way to prep, coat, and re-coat for long lasting results.

There are many benefits to epoxy floors:

  • Easy to clean
  • Moisture and stain resistant
  • Resists damage
  • Slip resistant
  • Create a new look of your garage floor
  • Numerous colors to choose from to fit your house style

What are the advantages of hiring a professional to install epoxy coating?

Let’s start with the basic prep for your garage floor. If you do it yourself, the floor will need to be thoroughly cleaned. This can be very labor intensive so be patient.

Etching the concrete with an acid solution is the next step. Make sure you use the correct proportions and you will need a power scrubber. Then completely wash down the floor for a minimum of 10 minutes. (Check with local authorities to confirm you can wash the cleaning agent into the storms drains before attempting this method).

Certified professionals such as the team at Queens, grind down a layer of the concrete so it is throughly clean of any oil and gas stains that have permeated the floor. Now it is porous enough to accept the epoxy coating.

What is necessary if you DIY epoxy coating to my garage floor?

Not all garage concrete floors will take the epoxy coating so evaluate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Test your concrete for moisture. It needs to be dry to bond. Make sure a concrete sealer was not used.

Please wear the appropriate safety equipment. Choose the right time of year so the temperature does not get too cold or too hot. Now start scrubbing all oil, grease, stains. Don’t forget after the epoxy dries, to patch the cracks with epoxy crack filler.

Epoxy Floor Coating

When we coat our garage floor and make it look new again, we will take care of all the chips, cracks, and stains. You want a durable and shiny solution for your floor that will last.

Don’t let just anyone refinish your garage floors. If done wrong, it will start to flake and peel leaving a mess! Check out our professional new garage floors and call us, we are certified to install epoxy flooring the correct way.

How can you keep a glossy epoxy from being slippery?

After you have let the first coat dry, you can add non-skid granules to the second coating. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the correct amount of time to allow between coatings.

Also follow the directions on how soon you can have foot traffic and park your vehicles on the floor.

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