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Maintain the clean and polished appearance of Vinyl Composition Tile.

Vinyl Composition Tile dulls and gets stained pretty quickly if it has not been maintained. To restore and maintain a high gloss, the Queen’s Carpet Care Team first cleans the VCT with a neutral floor cleaner. We use a lower pH product rather than an all-purpose cleaner which may have a higher pH that makes the flooring loose that luster and attractiveness.
Then our professional cleaning team uses a burnishing pad on our high-speed floor machines to restore the sheen. Most stains can be removed with a proper professional cleaning. Our floor equipment cleans surface-level marks and stains. If the stains are deeper into the pores of the tile, we use our deep cleaning  machines and chemicals to remove these dirty layers. When the floor is Queen’s clean, a floor finish will be applied. Not only will this help maintain the shine, but it will help protect the floor from heel marks and future soiling. Typically the dullness and staining is embedded only in the top layers so by removing these dirty layers of finish, Queen’s Team will have your VCT floor gleaming again.


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